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Welcome to Jarieu Home Care Network

Jarieu Home Care Network is here to provide home health care when patients are not feeling any better in their hospital beds or in a nursing home away from their loved ones. The feeling of being cast away from your home is strong when a long day strikes without anyone paying a visit. Patients have a strong feeling to go home and take care of their homes themselves instead of staying long in a hospital or a care facility that is unfamiliar and sometimes can be unwelcoming.

a caregiver and an elderly
More often than not, the patient and the family members share the same worries about the quality of care they get as a response for old age, illness or disability. Worry is a very bad disease. It may not eat you up directly physically; however, worry can make you mentally and emotionally strained. The mind is the most powerful thing that invokes your body to do incredible things, even healing of bodily tissues and organs can be strengthened by the brain. The only way to rid of worry is to choose HOME.

With us, you can end your worries and take a step back to where all your comforts are.

We want you to know that if you are looking for professional and compassionate caregivers for your loved one(s), we can help them avoid the emotional trauma of leaving their cherished homes by taking care of them at home.

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