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4 Responses to “Testimonial”

  1. Kim says:

    Sample testimonial for this page

  2. Bill Cee says:

    I am very grateful that I found Jarieu Home Care Network (JHCN). They were very responsive. I needed overnight care by males only for my 90+ year old dad who was already on Hospice & difficult to handle with sundowner’s syndrome, difficulty walking/moving due to Parkinson’s & very particular about when/how to do things.

    At the end, he needed help with everything. When “David” came from JHCN , I felt confident that my dad was being gently and properly cared for & handled, even in the most delicate situations (e.g., suppositories). “Joe” was also sent by JHCN & he would leave detailed notes of what occurred through the night, making it easier to track my dad’s mood, appetite, intake/output, etc. & so prepare for the next part of the day.

    JHCN worked with & accommodated the exact days & hours that I needed a male assistant — even in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I had to call after midnight a few times, but someone always answered the phone pretty quickly.

    I was so relieved that JHCN’s “David” was watching & caring for my dad at the end. He was willing to stay until certain details were completed before he ended his shift, even though his “patient” was gone; then David’s attention became focused on us.

    After I started using JHCN, I didn’t try any other agencies. (I used 2 others before trying JHCN.)

    I hope others will at least give JHCN a try.

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